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why choose love?

18 August, 2014 |


image {Why choose love? Why choose patience? Why choose compassion? When life throws you so many opportunities to choose hate, anger, and jealousy.}

Today choose compassion, because even though someone may not show it to you, you just might be the compassionate light that someone desperately needed that day. The reminder that we are all in this together. That it's ok, that every day is not perfect. Who's to say you can't make the best out of the hand thats been dealt. Choose compassion because it's contagious, like laughter.

Today choose patience, not because it's easy, but because there are two little pairs of eyes looking up at you, searching for guidance.

Today choose love, because love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, rude or self seeking, it is not easily angered, and keeps no records of wrongs. Love never fails! It reminds each and every one of us that we are precious, it's like magic, it reaches into your soul and changes you in the most profound ways.

The sweetest kisses

13 August, 2014 |

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset I just can't get enough kisses from this sweet girl! When she was smaller we would try to give her a kiss and she would turn and laugh (broke my little mama heart). Lately at night, right before she falls asleep E has started to give me tons and tons of kisses, some with her eyes half closed, it's one of my favorite moments of the day.

20+4 Weeks

18 July, 2014 |


"Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard." ~Anne Sexton


The quiet love between you and I, what a feeling, to carry two hearts inside of you. No one knows you like I do, they don't hear the soft exchange of our beating hearts. Or feel the soft kicks and turns you make when I sing aloud, or when your Papa whispers to you. I never feel as connected to myself, to life, as when I'm carrying it. Carrying you makes my soul complete, it sings, illuminated, full of your spirit. I've never loved you more than I do now, until the moment your skin touches mine, bare on my chest, until then...

Love, Mama

The Letters

15 July, 2014 |  

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20 Weeks

15 July, 2014 |



{~20 Weeks~ Words that are hard to find. The let down of raw emotion and fear making it's exit takes it's toll. I wasn't going to write this, I was going to let this fade away into memories unknown, because that's easier...but I won't, because someone might need these words.}

This week was one of the hardest tests of faith I've ever had. While staring at the babies heart for what seemed an unusual amount of time, my own heart sank, and fear crept in. When you imagine your child coming into this world it's always perfect, all you wish for is a healthy baby, but there it was, right in front of me, on a screen in plain black and white. I wanted to run, but I stayed steady, I wanted to cry, but I refused, I wanted to yell and ask why, but I just smiled at the sweet ultrasound tech as she left to grab the doctor. God doesn't give you more than you can handle...he doesn't right? I asked myself sitting there, just my sweet baby and I.

She returned with the doctor, my mother and my daughter in tow. If you know me, when faced with hardship I smile, while silently building a wall, not to close myself off, but to hold myself up, you see I'm too afraid to reach for outspread arms for fear of breaking down. Talk of Down's syndrome and heart problems, swirled the room, backgrounds and too much blood were taken. In silence, fear crept in, not for me, but for my child, because people can be cruel when they don't understand you. How would I do this? Where would the strength come from? How will I tell my husband who has already watched his own sister pass away from a neurological disorder.

I scoured the internet in secret, reading story after story of negative and positive outcomes, finding comfort in their words. Days passed, we filled them with joy and life carried on, as silent prayers were made, all while waiting for a phone call that finally came. I almost didn't hear her when she said that all the results came back negative, I had already settled in my mind that I would do whatever was needed in order to provide this child with the happiest life possible, no matter the result. I knew this child would be perfect, that I would learn from he or she, that I would be the best mother I could possibly be to both my children because that's what they need. Tears flowed and fear exited, and just like that everything was back to the way that it was.

Mothers Day

19 May, 2014 |


_DSC0871_DSC0868_DSC0844 Her Mother.

That's who I am. She's the one who I have the privilege to mother, and to love for a lifetime.

My first born child, the one who made me a Mother, the one who opened my world and let the sunshine in.


A daughter.

That's who she is. A spunky little child after my own heart.

Someday when she too becomes a Mother, she'll know.

She'll the know the impossible love I have for her.



The love between lovers, best friends, your other half, creates such wonderful little beings.

Love incarnate.



My first Mothers Day, what a day, filled to the brim with everything I thought it would be. Besides the food poisoning , that I did not expect, but that life right? I'll take it, the good the bad and everything in between.


Peace & Love,




Time spent « A Day at The Park

21 February, 2014 |


Motherhood. The most amazing job that's literally 24'hrs a day, all day everyday. Sometimes I feel as if time is spent before it's even arrived. Between projects, work, and mommying, time is indeed already spent. Nap time quickly became the only time where I  have a moment just to sit down and breath. Because let's face it, there's a 50/50 chance that I won't get more than 45 minutes of consecutive sleep any given night, thanks teeth...thanks.

I was living for nap time, and it was always over all too soon. So yesterday, I took a break. For my family, for myself, for my sanity. All it took was a short walk to the park, snacks, and a good read. Elly was happy to get out, it was time to take back all this time spent, cooking, cleaning, and being well busy, it was time to stop and smell the roses.

Sitting under the shade of a lone tree I watched as Elly crawled to this place and that, dragging leaf after leaf along with her. She'd lay in the fresh cool grass as the sun kissed her skin, and the wind spun her hair, closing her eyes as she took it all in, basking in that beautiful moment. I realized she needed this just as much I did.




So don't forget to take time for you, for your family, for your sanity. All the "stuff" will be there waiting when you get back. Life as we all know is too short, and passes by at lightning speed, so why not stop and fill your lungs with a renewed strength you can only get from taking back your time spent. With that said, I'm off to L.A. tomorrow to photograph a beautiful mother and hear her story for 'The Letters,'I can't wait to share with you all. Have a wonderful weekend! Love & Light, Krystal

A raccoon & A kiss

06 February, 2014 |


It was a cold rainy day here in sunny California, so we spent most of the day eating too many sweets and watching the rain come down. As I sat on the floor watching Elly play with her favorite stuffed friend, the sweetest moment took place. Elly accidentally knocked him over, she immediately peered over at him, checking to see if her furry friend was ok. Then she picked him up, squeezed him tight and gave him a kiss. I could have melted into the floor right then and there. Since Elly has been crawling these last few weeks and pulling herself up on just about anything she can, she has had her  share off woopsies. Of course I immediately pick her up, squeeze her tight and give her a kiss to make it all better.

To witness such kindness from my baby, my not so little baby, humbled me.

If only we all treated each other with such care and love.




My sweet sweet Elly, may you always show such love and kindness to others.



Crawling « Cribs « Teeth « & Tears

12 January, 2014 |



I'm not much of a cryer, but I cried today. Twice actually, the second as I write this.

I remember in the beginning I wished for the infant stage to be over with. Colic ran my life, and sleep depravation consumed me. I couldn't wait until solids, crawling and a little independence. This little meatball was testing every fiber of my being, I was ready for the next stage. Well here we are...

This weekend was a weekend of firsts.


She's crawling now, I mean really crawling. Her world has grown, and she's into everything. 

 She cut her first tooth, not good news for my boobs, though I wouldn't have it any other way.

 She pulled herself up in her crib, so my husband lowered the crib.


We went to the park to enjoy what was left of our weekend. I watched as she crawled/scooted around, picking up this leaf and that. Carefully studying the little treasures she'd find. Everything was new, everything was magic. On our way home she quietly fell asleep, heavy against my chest, snug in her sling. I laid her down in her crib, her crib that once held her tiny swaddled self, the cribI slept in as a child. As the last of the sunlight crept behind the hills, I looked down at the not so tiny creature I created, and cried.

I cried because I realized this was it. This is the feeling... this is why mothers have tears in their eyes as their once babies walk, run, drive, graduate, marry, and have babies of their own. 

 Make that 3 times I've cried today. 



2. The Three of Us

02 January, 2014 |

I always imagined my life as a single, a lone, wandering, picture taking, jetsetter. Following along where my heart and camera led me, belonging to no one but myself and God. I thought that was the life, the perfect life, only because I couldn't fathom how amazing life could be with a husband by my side and a baby on my back. If only I knew then what I know now. I'm still jet setting, wandering and picture taking, only with an amazing little family in tow. They say don't look at life through rose colored glasses...they must not have had kids.


Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


3. Elly

02 January, 2014 |

She takes the cake. Both of my Grandmothers died in childbirth. So for me, bearing children was a terrifying thing, something I honestly didn't think I would ever do. Now here I am on the other side, healthy and whole. I moved fear aside and made room for her. She is my world, my light, my little love, the best parts of her father and I.

Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.


4. Great Grandparents & Grandparents

02 January, 2014 |

Sadly I never knew my Grandparents, let alone Great Grandparents. Watching our parents light up when they are with our little Elly makes my heart flutter. The relationship she has with each one of them is so unique and priceless. To be able to watch the family that you created grow into this beautiful thing called family, is worth it's weight in gold. I can only imagine how it feels to look over your life and see all the children you've made, with their children, and their children's children. I hope one day Elly realizes how lucky she is to have all of her Grandparents, along with one extraordinary Great Grandmother.


Top 10 Blessings of 2013 from Krystal Donovan Photography on Vimeo.