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Pressed Flower Frames

Bookmarks Sold Out
Coral Coasters $64.00
Fire Coasters $64.00
White Coasters $64.00
Skeleton Leaf Coasters $64.00
CUSTOM Pressed Flower Frames $135.00
Blooming Sold Out
Blush Clouds Coasters Sold Out
Sea Sold Out
A Drop In The Ocean Necklace $90.00
Square Gold Plated Flower Ring Sold Out
When Life Takes A Detour 8 x 10 Sold Out
Fire & Ice $90.00
Promise Necklace $145.00
Love 8 x 10 Sold Out
Yesterday is in The Past 5x7 $86.42
Large Gold Hoop Necklace + Flower Sold Out
Gold Plated Ring Sold Out
Sterling Silver Plated Necklace $105.00