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Pressed Flower Frames

Rose Bookmark Sold Out
Twisting Vines Coasters Sold Out
Confetti Bookmark Sold Out
Skeleton Leaf Coasters $64.00
Spring Bookmark Sold Out
Summer Bookmark Sold Out
Blushing Jewelry Dish $115.00
Skeleton Leaf Ring $90.00
Pink Confettie $85.00
Custom Pressed Flower Frames $134.99
Confetti Sold Out
Pink Sunrise Stud Earrings $90.00
Ocean Runs Deep from $90.00
Blooming Frosted Coasters Sold Out
Poppy Field $85.00
Blue Mist Frosted Coasters Sold Out
Springtime Coasters $72.00
Pompous Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Burst $85.00
Sea Sold Out
Falling Rose Necklace Sold Out
Little Bouquets $85.00
When Life Takes A Detour 8 x 10 Sold Out
Custom Coasters from $28.99
Skeleton Leaf Drop Necklace $110.00
Lavender Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Purple Medow Sold Out
Fitting Into Spaces - Herbarium 8 x 10 Sold Out
Falling Petals Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Larkspur Necklace $120.00
Golden Confetti Necklace $110.00
Purple Bouquet Necklace $120.00
White Flowers Sold Out
Sunny Day Bracelet Sold Out
Promise Necklace Sold Out
Rose Sold Out
Love 8 x 10 Sold Out
Yesterday is in The Past 5x7 $86.42
Feels Like Spring Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Moonlight Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Falling Petals Jewelry Dish Sold Out
In The Fields Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Splashes of Pink Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Floral Confetti Coasters $64.00
Pale Necklace $120.00
Summer Fog Necklace Sold Out