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Herbarium Calendar


The Herbarium calendar is more than just a way to mark your days, it’s a piece of art. Each month has a new specimen of plant to enjoy, including a Noctuary Resin specimen.

Once the year is through you can easily cut the herbarium from the month and place it in a frame, or give them as gifts.

The Story

One day my husband found an old calendar from when I was 9 years old in our garage, we sat on the floor and flipped through each month, reading the notes I left behind; English test today, Swimming Lessons @4:00pm, Horseback Riding Tomorrow. It was so fun looking back at the most important dates from my childhood.

There’s something special about marking the precious passage of time. It got me thinking, I wanted to create a calendar, one you could keep for years and years to come.

I hope you like it as much as I loved creating this special piece.

*Each calendar is made to order, they will ship early-December, just in time for the New Year!


12 x 12.5 Natural Birch Wood

Set of 12 Specimens

Hardware & board inclued.