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Skeleton Leaf Drop Necklace

Each earring contains a real pressed 18k gold plated skeleton leaf that is trimmed to fit snug inside of the hoop bezel— which is them hand shapped with a dremel. The leaf is carefully sealed under multiple layers of glossy, non-toxic, jewelry grade resin. The resin will protect the flowers and has a glasslike finish. Each leaf is totally unique and no two will be exactly alike.

All metalwork is handmade raw brass plated with 24k Gold.

Although this piece is waterproof, I would recommend avoiding submerging your jewelry in water when possible, and also store your piece in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. You can clean your piece with clear soap and water, then carefully pat dry. Smudges are best removed with a lens cloth.

I hope you enjoy your piece as much as I loved creating it.