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Welcome to the online Shop of artist and writer Krystal Festerly - hey that's me! It's great to meet you.

I created this space back in 2012 when I first became a mother as an outlet from a lonely season of life. Over the years this space has grown and evolved into a place where I share my art and words with you.

A little under four years ago I started a garden, in an attempt to create a sense of control in my life, you see we had just bought a fixer-upper that had no yard to speak of, and six months later lost what would have been our fourth child.

My garden quickly taught me lesson after lesson, mainly how to let go, be patient, and surrender to the things I cannot control, to enjoy life as it comes, the ups abs the downs.

The garden, it has fed me mind body and soul, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

It is my absolute joy to share a piece of my garden with you in the form of art, each plant, every flower holds more to me than you will ever know, it is my hope that each piece I create will bring you a piece of the joy and comfort I find in it to you.

xo, Krystal

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A few of My


Jewelry Dish


It Takes A Village Retro Tee

Blushing Jewelry Dish

This delicate handmade jewelry dish trimmed in 18k gold leaf  is the perfect vessel for your most precious jewels.

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Forest Tray

It Takes a Village to raise a Mother, no ones knows that better than me, it's taken my village to get us through, and for that I'll for be thankful.

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It Takes A Village,

to raise a Mother,

to raise a Child,

to get through Life.

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At This Moment

Yesterday is in the past,

let it go,

Tomorrow isn’t promised,

so let it go,

hold on to Today,

because Today is all you have.

- Krystal