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Pink Confettie $85.00
Poppy Field $85.00
Burst $85.00
Little Bouquets $85.00
Confetti Sold Out
Skeleton Leaf Ring $90.00
Ocean Runs Deep from $90.00
Oceans Run Deep Stud Earrings $90.00
Pink Sunrise Ring $90.00
Larkspur Necklace $120.00
Pink Sunrise Stud Earrings $90.00
Falling Rose Necklace $105.00
Golden Necklace Sold Out
Button Necklace Sold Out
Pompous Necklace Sold Out
Blooming Necklace Sold Out
Summer Fog Necklace Sold Out
Pink Sunrise Necklace Sold Out
Purple Flower Sold Out
White Flowers Sold Out
A Single Rose Sold Out
Skeleton Leaf Hoops Sold Out
Into The Deep Earrings Sold Out
Daisy Necklace Sold Out
Purple Medow Sold Out
Rose Sold Out
Daisy Sold Out
Falling Petal Earrings $59.76
What Goes Around Earrings $42.76
Pale Petals Earrings Sold Out
Golden Yarrow Earrings Sold Out
Larkpur Drop Earrings $59.76
White Larkpur Drop Earrings $59.76
Babies Breath Earrings $59.76
Queens Drop Earrings Sold Out
Larking Around Earrings $42.76
Golden Skeleton Leaf Earrings Sold Out
Golden Drop Skeleton Leaf Earrings Sold Out
Be Square Larkspur Earrings $42.76
Golden Sky Earrings Sold Out
Poppy Earrings $42.76
In The Fileds Earrings Sold Out
Cheery Earrings Sold Out
Modern Grass Earrings Sold Out
Springtime Earrings Sold Out