"It Takes a Village®" Racerback $28.00
"The Fern" Horizontal Keepsake Ornament Sold Out
"The Fern" Oblong Keepsake Ornament from $21.00
"The Fern" Round Keepsake Ornament from $12.00
"The Fern" Square Keepsake Ornament Sold Out
A Change of Weather Candlestick $64.00
A Handful of Flowers Candlestick Sold Out
A Pink Sunrise Candlestick Sold Out
Autumn Candlestick Sold Out
Autumn Candlestick Sold Out
Autumn Floral Jar Sold Out
Babies Breath Earrings Sold Out
Babies Breath Necklace Sold Out
Be Square Larkspur Earrings Sold Out
Bereavement Necklace $180.00
Black Daisy Pen Sold Out
Blooming Frosted Coasters Sold Out
Blooming Roses Clipboard Sold Out
Blooms in Purple Candlestick Sold Out
Blue Fields Floral Slab Sold Out
Blue Floral Pen Sold Out
Blue Mist Frosted Coasters Sold Out
Blushing Candlestick Sold Out
Blushing Jewelry Dish Sold Out
Brass Art Display Stand from $38.00
Brown Babies Breath Pen Sold Out
Bunny Tail Plaque $38.00
Burst Sold Out
Cheery Earrings Sold Out
Colorful Garden Marker Set $65.00
Commission Coasters from $28.99
Commission Floral Cloche $149.76
Commission Flower Frame from $117.00
Commission Jewelry Dish $135.00
Commission Necklace $145.00
Commission Noctuary - Standard from $290.00
Commission Noctuary Coasters from $70.00
Commission Noctuary Slab $900.00
Commission Noctuary Tray $2,194.00
Commission Slab from $350.00
Commission Tray from $350.00
Commission Trinket Tray $100.00
Confetti Sold Out
Confetti Bookmark Sold Out
Dark Purple Pen Sold Out
Dreaming Flower Press Sold Out
Dreaming in Larkspur Floral Slab Sold Out
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