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Life is made of little moments

10 January, 2013 |

Babygirlclothes Mama's gone baby girl crazy! But honestly, how AMAZING is that vintage crib and bedding, I about fell over when I saw it.  1. 'Life is made of little moments.' I must write this somewhere in the nursery. 2. Joyfolie Sabre Boots 3. Nituna Coat Pattern 4. I'll be sewing this soon 5. Shirley Bridal Knit 6. Crib Bedding 7. Native Leggings8. Great Idea for a print 9. Balance Toy 10. Native Boots

It's A...

10 January, 2013 |

Babygirl copy-2

GIRL <3 !! 

There will be a little lady in the house in June, we are over the moon excited to welcome this little person in to our lives. And of course I've already gone nuts over all the delicious little baby girl things. 

Happy 2013!

02 January, 2013 |


Happy New Years everyone! It's 2013, can you believe it?! I'm so excited for this year to come, after this year nothing will be the same, only better in my eyes, building this little family of ours has made my world brighter and we couldn't be more blessed. This year, in all of it's two day's, has made me want to do more... More Cooking- Though I cook every day I would love to start setting up weekly dinners at our house, with friends or alone. But I truly need to start trying out all of these recipes I've collected throughout the years. More Reading- The hubby does most of the reading as of late, since reading sends me into a nauseated state (oh pregnancy) Thank goodness he reads to me in bed. Once this little one is here, more reading is a must... now where to find the time? hmm More Yoga- Bikram yoga was my life! Sadly a one hundred and ten degree room does not sound appealing when you are lugging around a personal heater inside you 24/7. However for the sake of my mind and every growing body I must start some type of yoga before I spontaneously combust. More Creating- These last four moths have been the toughest four months of my life, between the all day sickness (whoever called it morning sickness was off their rocker) the blinding headaches, sore back, aching hips, and non existent sleep, creating new images has been the last thing on  my mind. Good thing I'm over that hill and into the 'I feel great!' stage of  pregnancy. This has brought on an overwhelming need to shoot all day everyday, work on opening my studio ASAP, and create more portraits.  What are some of the things you would like to do this year?

Post Christmas Blues

26 December, 2012 |

Did everyone have a wonderful Christmas this year? We certainly did

Merry Christmas and the warmest Holiday wishes to you all!

The Best is Yet To Come

12 December, 2012 |

Why HELLO THERE! It's been about one hundred years since I've blogged, in fact! This is a whole new blog all together. I figured this new life deserved a super fresh start.  For those of you who are new to this space, or have no idea what I'm talking about or who I am.My name is Krystal Marie Donovan-Festerly I'm a full time dreamer & photographer , tea obsessed, adrenaline chasing, mountain climbing, jewelry fiend, living and laughing in San Diego. Creating familiar world’s that are not quite photographs and not quite paintings. Constantly communicating the language of stillness.

... you see this year my life completely changed. For starters I married my best friend! It was the most amazing day of my life, I love that man. And just to add a little icing on the cake, we're expecting a baby bear in June. Talk about a life changer, I'm going to be a mama bear. 

We have no idea what we are doing and that's just the fun of it! Isnt that what life is all about anyways? Doing the best we can with the life that we have been given? I'd like to think so anyways.

We're starting this little life together and it's pretty amazing if I do say so myself.