The Next Collection Release is October 10th 2021

Latest Collection Release

Noctuary Tray no.5 $2,194.00
Noctuary no.46- Petite $235.00
Necklace no.22 Sold Out
Noctuary Floral Slab no.11 $892.00
Necklace no.21 Sold Out
Noctuary no.37 $1,194.00
Noctuary no.44- Petite $235.00
Necklace no.17 Sold Out
Noctuary no.41- Petite $235.00
Half Moon Noctuary Necklace no.5 Sold Out
A Change of Weather Candlestick Sold Out
Fall Is In The Air Candlestick Sold Out
Herbarium Calendar $189.00
Noctuary no.38 - Standard Sold Out
Noctuary Ring No.3 Sold Out
Noctuary no.45- Petite $235.00
Noctuary Tray no.4 $1,194.00
Noctuary Jewelry Dish no.9 $140.00
Noctuary Jewelry Dish no.8 $140.00
Noctuary Jewelry Dish no.7 $140.00
Noctuary Jewelry Dish no.6 $140.00
Noctuary Ring No.2 (Size 6.5) $90.00
Noctuary Jewelry Dish no.5 $140.00
Noctuary Jewelry Dish no.2 $140.00
Noctuary Ring No.1 $118.00
Noctuary Coasters from $44.00
Pops of Pink Candlestick $72.00
Sunset Catch-all Tray Sold Out
Larkspur Necklace Sold Out
Pale Necklace $120.00
Purple Bouquet Necklace $120.00
Pink Surise Bracelet $120.00
Pink Sunrise Ring $90.00
Flower Fields Earrings $90.00
Pink Sunrise Stud Earrings $90.00
Skeleton Leaf Ring $90.00
Little Bouquets $85.00
Noctuary no.42- Petite Sold Out
Noctuary no.40- Petite Sold Out
Noctuary no.39 - Petite Sold Out
Noctuary Catch-all Tray no.7 Sold Out
Noctuary no.43- Petite Sold Out
Noctuary no.36 Sold Out