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"Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. ~Grandma Mose"

Every rising sun brings stronger contractions than the last, and today I woke with the strong desire to do nothing, to lay in bed and leisurely soak in the day. Instead, we headed to the Wild Animal Safari Park. I thought to myself, I must be crazy, walking all day long will leave me reeling in pain by the end of the day...but what if I was in pain regardless? What if? I would kick myself for not enjoying such a glorious day with my family, and what a day it was. The sheer joy on my daughters face as she gazed at "Dah Tigaah!" was worth any pain my body carried. I get it now...why I don't remember my mother sick or tired growing up. The sacrifices you make for your children's happiness are limitless, they have no bounds.

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