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Yuuuuup.This is me. A crazy-haired, haven't taken a shower in ummm...I can't even remember, it's safe to say its been a day...or two, a bit of a mess really. The kids are smiling though, happy and wild with the fullness of life. My husband and I are laughing and loving in the brief moments we have to share with one another in between both of our crazy schedules. Work is a whirlwind of todos and goals, though I've realized that no matter what I achieve in this regard the bar will once again raise.
There was a moment there though, in between the frazzled hair, wide eyes, and a twitchy mouth grin that I thought I might lose it. I imagined myself running down the street in food-stained sweat pants screaming "I'm freeeeeeee", while the other mothers looked in disbelief and longing of my brilliant and oh so subtle escape from the everyday.

When did my plate become so full? When did my heart become filled with so much love and sheer joy for these little people who can drive me mad, and then brighten my day to the most brilliant shade of sunshine only moments later? When did my husband and I become that couple who simultaneously let out a sigh of relief for surviving yet another day, on a bed filled with laundry that has yet to be put away?
...I'm in it, I mean really in it, this season of life is crazy, and part of me wants to skip it sometimes, but this is it! These are the days, aren't they? The ones that we'll talk about in our clean quiet home, with crisp sheets, and freshly shampooed hair as we wish for one more night; just one more night to hear the sound of little footsteps coming down the hall, and tiny warm bodies jammed between us in our laundry filled bed.

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08 December, 2020



08 December, 2020



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