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 This image is not an accurate representation of how this day is going, in fact, it was the last sweet moment before this day turned into one of "those days," you'd wished would just be over.* {Each day should have a clearly marked emergency exit sign. ~Dr. SunWolf}

Breathe...breathe...I've repeated this to myself over and over again today, I look at the clock, is it only noon? There have been moments throughout this very short, but seeming long day that have challenged me as a mother. Moments that have made me want to hand her over to her Dad and drive as far away as possible. These are the moments when I feel as though I've failed, where I can't help sitting here with tears in my eyes, while she now peacefully sleeps, wondering all the things that mothers do. This gig is hard, I mean haaaard, sometimes I wonder how I'll manage with two (those of you with more than two, insert laugh here). Though these days are far and few in between, they sure have the ability to place some serious doubt in your mind. I can only be thankful that tomorrow's another day, and that morning light brings with it a chance to make that day a better one...oh Lord let tomorrow be better, I don't have enough ice cream.

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22 July, 2020


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