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Sigh...air escapes my lungs as if I were holding it all day long. My muscles relax, the tension I carried in my shoulders melts away and I'm aware of every ache and pain in my body.

Today was never-ending, exhausting, and daunting. I spent entirely to much time staring at the clock, daydreaming of the moment when both of my children would fall fast asleep. Leaving me with only the sweet sounds of their breath, a welcomed silence after the chaotic screeches of the day. As well as a list a mile long filled with work obligations that need attention.

There are moments when I look around and feel like someone is missing, another sibling perhaps? --Now I know I've totally lost it, utterly and completely, what's really missing is chocolate...and a beach, and no kids in sight. What's missing is 8 minutes to myself to take a pee without someone needing something, husbands included.

Motherhood, it's not all rainbows and unicorn farts, some days I wanna take a mommy vacation, and tell my husband "Good Luck! See you in a few days, don't call me". Honestly though, where's the escape hatch when you need it?

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