{"In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves." ~Myla}

I stood in the mirror, and for the first time since birthing Maxine I saw myself, me, not the mother, not the wife, just me. In that moment I realized I was exiting the haze left behind by birth, shedding the weighted emotions I never thought I'd have.

The clot in my arm grows smaller, as my blood pressure descends. The twinges and ghostly feelings in my face fade as my words, though still lost at times, come easier now.

What remains, a small stretch mark left on my belly, adding to the one left by the sister who came before her, the tired happy eyes only a mother could boast, arms full of my children, heavy breasts, and a forgiving heart. All of which I gladly receive, because the greatest part that remains, is her.

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