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"There is a wisdom in the body that is older and more reliable than clocks and calendars. ~John Harold Johnson"

Flowing in and out of thought, my mind, a jumble of work, preparations, words, and wonderings. Only to sleep then wake, desperately pulling yesterdays obsessions and thoughts back into the forefront of my mind. I've grown in body and in restlessness. Losing and regaining track of the days left until baby. Which is absolutely absurd, babies rush for no one, they arrive right on time, their time. The calm grows harder and harder to dwell within. Excitement overwhelms my mind, while fatigue plagues my hips. Times ever teaching lesson, slowing when you wish it to pass and fleeing when you wish it to stay. It's only when I stop to listen do I feel the space between my child and I growing thin, whispering to me that it's almost time. In those moments I tell myself to stay, stay just a little while longer, remember this, it will all be over to soon.

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