The Next Collection Release is October 10th 2021

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"Somewhere along the way, I realized that the new year doesn’t begin for me in January. The new and fresh has always come for me in the Fall. Ironically, as leaves are falling like rain, crunching beneath my feet with finality, I am vibrating with the excitement of birth and new beginnings... My year begins in Autumn. ~Betsy Cañas Garmo"

The quietness of Fall, seeping into my bones, like a soft rain sprinkling it's dew as the morning light escorts the night into dawn. My belly thoroughly alive and dramatic, just as the leaves, blazing with every color they can muster, before taking their glorious leave into winter. The last crisp Autumn air envelops my skin as I burn quietly within. I breathe deeply letting the cold fill my lungs refusing to pull the blankets over my head, I want to feel it all, every emotion, every pain, every turn, and every whisper, as the last weeks shared with another come to a close. Leaves relinquish their grasp, leaving the trees bare, as the color fades from the horizon, bringing with it a promise of new life, wrapped in the magnificent gift of winter. What a fitting end to carrying life, what a splendid beginning to a life surrounded by my children.

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