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You grow, although disguised... I know you. I know the shape of your hands as they slide across my skin, I know the sweet curve of your back, I know the length of you, stretching towards my ribs, reaching towards the light. What a thing, to take part in creation, to bring life into this world, to be handed a deeper love than you have ever known, to hold in your hands the best parts of you. The pain has taught me to breathe, to slowly take it all in. I've learned how to accept the good with the bad and to love it just the same. Silently I'll know, silently you'll know, and I will follow you. I will get lost in a land of waves and silence, a place I know well and am learning not to fear. In the end, I will follow you, I will take my time, breath, and ease you into this world. A birth of the soul heart and mind. In the end, we'll gaze at one another, I'll know you, and you will know me...I'm your mama, and you are mine forever.

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